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Password manager for companies


Passwork is a password manager of the next generation created for professionals, IT guys, teams and companies. Passwork reliably stores passwords in a structured way, with flexible user access management and is suitable for team work and personal usage as well.General features— Made for companies and professionals, but ready for personal usage as well.— User access management. Company manages its passwords but not employees.— Tracking of password actions history.— Security. Can be installed on private servers.— Algorithms are open.— Public API for all features.— Multilanguage support.— Available on any platform. Web site, browser, desktop and mobile apps.— Advanced features of password sharing. Secured one-time links, sharing by email with any people
How It worksAll important data and passwords are encrypted solely on the client (browsers, plugins). Users create groups and invite other users. Groups have folders with structured, stored passwords. Each group is a separate entity with its own master password, permissions etc. Each user always sees the relevant data in their groups.